Eric Chad (lighting/projection)

Eric is a lighting and projection designer based in Vancouver, B.C. Interactive projection design, generative design, infrared tracking, and show control/integration are his primary concentrations.

Eric received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and his Bachelor of Science from McGill University. 

Eric’s recent design credits include works with Out Innerspace Dance Theatre (Major Motion Picture, New Creation), Joe Ink (4our), Moose + Moa Theatre Company (The Art of Being Alone), chuthis. (Smile Masking and Face Her), Twenty Something Theatre & Hardline Productions (Wide Awake Hearts), and the UBC Dep’t of Theatre (The Bacchae 2.1). Eric is a touring member of Kidd Picot and designed/programmed the single-operator show control system used in its current work Betroffenheit.