Photo by Levi Walker

Press Quotes


“Peter Chu is that rare performer who can dance with one foot in the commercial world and the other squarely in the artistic. No, wait: that’s not exactly right. Chu is the even rarer performer for whom the two worlds meld into one.” — The Georgia Straight


“Chu’s piece, full of sharp movements contrasted with an unfolding physicality, has an unearthly quality both robotic and hypnotic.” — Orlando Sentinel regarding Peter Chu’s Hollywood en Pointe choreographed for the Orlando Ballet


“Chu’s choreography is aesthetically pleasing, yet undeniably difficult in nature… I can only hope this show continues to run so everyone can have a chance to be in the audience.” — Dance Informa Magazine


“Nothing Sticks… is a work that really marks the promising beginning of a choreographic talent who’s just starting to harness his wild imagination.” — The Georgia Straight


“Chu is a torpedo of a mover, seamlessly integrating the syncopation of hip hop with balletic fluidity.” — Dance Magazine regarding Peter Chu’s work that opened the Top 8, Season 9 show of So You Think You Can Dance


“Given the opportunity to speak with Peter Chu, insight, brilliance, compassion, and devotion threaded each expression, verbal as well as nonverbal.” — West Orlando News


“ A slender, lithe dancer with feet as resilient as his spine, locks and pops in and out of position with ribbon fluidity.” — The New York Times regarding Peter Chu’s performance in Kidd Pivot’s The You Show


“…he gives complete illusion that he is a marionette danced by the puppeteer. The duet is so spectacular, his control of his body so masterful, that audible gasps and ahhs escaped from the audience.” — Portland Monthly Magazine regarding Peter Chu’s performance in Kidd Pivot’s Dark Matters