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2017 — October (Naomi Stikeman—chuthis. Company Manager; The Rite of Spring Project—Charlotte Ballet II; Out Innerspace Dance Theatre—Peter performs on tour; Space, In PerspectivePress & Photos)

2017 — September (Premiere Space, In Perspective; Dance Magazine; Booker T. Washington HSPVA; Space, In Perspective—behind the scenes)

2017 — August (summer teaching tour; Hubbard Street Dance Chicago; Floating After Times reel - HS2; Axis Connect L.A.)

2017 — June (chuthis. Studio Residency; summer teaching dates; performance reels)

2017 — May (Juilliard Senior Showcase; Springboard Danse Montréal; Hubbard Street Dance Chicago; bonus)

2017 — April (chuthis. Moves with Danz; upcoming: Peter in BetroffenheitPaper Cuts premiere in Utah)

2017 — March (chuthis. Moves with BDC; upcoming chuthis. Moves; A Picture of You Falling; Peter Chu - NDT1; new website)
2017 — February (—in3s—; APAP 2017; CTMI update; chuthis. Moves with BDC; Springboard Danse Montreal)

2016 — October (45 hours left!)

2016 — October (Announcing —in3s—; Kickstarter campaign)

2016 — June (Premiere of Two Yous; chuthis. Moves with Dance Connection, AZ; chuthis. Moves with Danz Studio, Costa Rica; CTMI program details; new work)

2016 — February (chuthis. Moves with Danz Studio, Costa Rica)

2016 — February (BYU premieres Forming In ; Nothing Sticks updated new reel)

2016 — January (APAP 2016 — Smile Masking excerpts)

2015 — December (chuthis. Moves with The Dance Studio of Fresno)

2015 — November (The Juilliard School; Festival International DansEncore; CTMI; chuthis. Moves; Red, White & Chu)

2015 — June (Festival International DansEncore; CTMI; Brigham Young University; New Dialect; LVCCLD residency+ Smile Masking & Face Her premieres; HSDC Studio Series; Destiny Rising; Nothing Sticks)