Photo by Levi Walker

Press Quotes


"Chu ... has found countless ways for both parts of the performer-audience equation to play their part in a most enjoyable and ultimately transfixing way. They performed Chu's beautiful choreography—singly, in pairs, and as a grand ensemble that alternately suggested a primal rite and the inexorable motion of waves. The dancing was uniformly superb." — Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times


"[Space, In Perspective] challenges norms, but also brings the audience up close and personal with groundbreaking art. The final act's on-stage choreography is mind bending, even if it wasn't just a piece of white tape separating you from the dancers." — Michelle Meywes Kopeny, Chicagoist


“Peter Chu is that rare performer who can dance with one foot in the commercial world and the other squarely in the artistic. No, wait: that’s not exactly right. Chu is the even rarer performer for whom the two worlds meld into one.” — The Georgia Straight


“Chu’s piece, full of sharp movements contrasted with an unfolding physicality, has an unearthly quality both robotic and hypnotic.” — Orlando Sentinel regarding Peter Chu’s Hollywood en Pointe choreographed for the Orlando Ballet


“Chu’s choreography is aesthetically pleasing, yet undeniably difficult in nature… I can only hope this show continues to run so everyone can have a chance to be in the audience.” — Dance Informa Magazine


“Nothing Sticks… is a work that really marks the promising beginning of a choreographic talent who’s just starting to harness his wild imagination.” — The Georgia Straight


“Chu is a torpedo of a mover, seamlessly integrating the syncopation of hip hop with balletic fluidity.” — Dance Magazine regarding Peter Chu’s work that opened the Top 8, Season 9 show of So You Think You Can Dance


“Given the opportunity to speak with Peter Chu, insight, brilliance, compassion, and devotion threaded each expression, verbal as well as nonverbal.” — West Orlando News


“ A slender, lithe dancer with feet as resilient as his spine, locks and pops in and out of position with ribbon fluidity.” — The New York Times regarding Peter Chu’s performance in Kidd Pivot’s The You Show


“…he gives complete illusion that he is a marionette danced by the puppeteer. The duet is so spectacular, his control of his body so masterful, that audible gasps and ahhs escaped from the audience.” — Portland Monthly Magazine regarding Peter Chu’s performance in Kidd Pivot’s Dark Matters